DESIGNEDUCATION is about empowering students to engage in the full design thinking process. From Design Brief to Concept to Revision, students find solutions to their problems at their own pace and through their own investigation. Rather than traditional instructor-directed education, students take control of their own learning; students have the opportunity to become researchers, planners, designers, and teachers. This makes the learning process more personal and fulfilling to the learner.

Digital Fabrication

In the 21st century, students now have the opportunity to engage with a variety of new and exciting digital technologies. Tools like 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, and CNC Routers offer young students new outlets to express their creativity and practice persistence in learning. By using these tools to create iterative works, students of all ages can experience the excitement and challenges of using tools in this budding field of technology. As these tools become more common, my students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to use such tools in order to bring any of their ideas to life.