This Institute for Contemporary Art is located at 336 West Fourth Street in one of Cincinnati's many historic districts. Both the floor plans and southern elevation are directly influenced by variations of Albers' Homage to the Square. When the geometry of the artwork is placed on the 38'x104' infill lot, two areas of overlap occur (highlighted below in blue). two squares are shifted inward to allow for the insertion of the structure's core functions; the frontmost zone holds the elevator shaft and restrooms while the back half holds the fire stairs. These overlapping zones also utilize changes in ceiling height and materiality. This is done so that the viewer becomes aware when he or she passes through these spaces and between main zones. The centermost squares of each main zone are then open for the primary staircase and double-height spaces. When the artwork is applied to the facade, the center squares are actually projected inward to form unique spaces. These two spaces hold the special exhibition space and the artist's-in-residence studio space. In terms of materiality, the floors of each main zone utilizes different species of wood as well as different stain colours. The overlapping zones utilize sandstone cladding as a juxtaposition to the colourful wood. 

Institute for Contemporary Art

Inspired by Joseph Albers | Second Year