Jason Alexander Grout is the current Digital Art, Design, and Fabrication Teacher at Asia Pacific International School in Seoul, South Korea. He has worked with the school since 2019 integrating design thinking into the K-12 educational atmosphere. 


Jason graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Design with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture with a focus on design education, environmental sustainability, and adaptive reuse.

During his time in University, Jason pursued his passion for design education and instruction. Jason acted as a Team Advisor and Residential Advisor for the Flagship Architecture Program with the National Student Leadership Conference at Northwestern University.  In doing this, he helped to write the curriculum, instruct students in design demonstrations, and critique student projects. He returned to the program the following year, taking the position of Head Team Advisor.


In his career, Jason has also worked with various Architecture firms around the world, including SHoP Architects in New York, New York, and GFC Architecture in Paris, France. 

Today, Jason works with students in traditional classroom settings as well as more fluid and dynamic instructional approaches. He holds a core emphasis on self-directed, student learning; by encouraging classes to not only ask design questions but also seek solutions through their own investigation, Jason finds that his students become more confident in their own skills and more willing to tackle problems beyond the classroom.